Skate Team:
The skate team is getting bigger. We added some new riders the past few weeks.
Scottie Smith scored 3rd place at the Cave Junction Competion a few weeks
back. Logan Schneider got kicked out of the beginner class and had to move up.
Bryan and John from Woodburn entered and also had good runs. Sunday was a
great day skating on the way home. Keep an eye on the riders photos and media
as they will be updated very soon.

Shellburg Falls:
The orange gate is closed at Shellburg, but the trails are still open to ride.
Please don't block the gate with you auto if you happen to go riding up there.
Jump Start off of Branubien trail is now rideable with a cool skinny at the end.

Shellburg Falls freeride trail Branubien is nearly complete. There is only some
minor touch-ups to do along the trail. Otherwise the trail is totally rideable all the
way through. As soon as we finish this trail we are going to start a small warm-up
section and then move on to a Level 4 ripper (well... we hope it will rip). Thanks to
all that have put time in on this trail. It would not be possible without people like
you that want to ride free or is it free-ride?! Tear it up, have fun, just don't do
cookies with you auto up there. The gate is open and there is parking at the
trailhead. Have fun!

Update Rogers Wayside BMX:
We are currently waiting for a contract agreement to be made between Marion
County Parks and MS*DC. As soon as a contract can be agreed on we can take it
to the Marion County Commissioners for there hopeful approval. We have made
it to the contract phase so things are looking good. Thanks
for everyones support!

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