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The 2016-17 season is here!!!

*We offer same day ski or snowboard hot wax starting at only $10, premium hot wax $15.  Light edge tune $5 for 2 rails.



Don't forget we do hot waxes!  $10-$15 depending on the quality of wax you want.  Most boards can be done same day!!!  We also do some edge tuning as well.  Skies are also welcome here...

We also try to carry a decent selection of new and used gear as well. 


New boards starting at $200 bucks and up (sizes 152-163). Sims, Ride (prophet and no:4), Trilogy Arts, Airwalk.  Strap pads for $20.

New High Society Twilight 157 with rocker-camber.  Rides amazing in any conditions and any terrain.  My new favorite board...jason.

Dave and Jim. Opening day Mt Hood Meadows 09/10 on Nov.11th.

Waiting for 1st chair of 09/10 season at Meadows.

Dave dropping a nice soft rock...

Day 1 in the books for 09/10.  Great weather and good snow made for some nice riding.  Crowds weren't too bad if you know how to read the mountain and where to go to avoid the lines.  Great floater drops all over right now.  There is so much exposed that we usually never get to see.  The mountain is a magnificent beast that will never be tamed no matter how hard we try.  We will try and slay the giant as often as we can. Definitely some new base scars from a few hidden friends.  Nothing a good wax job can't fix.

Hope we see you on the mountain this year...jason.






Are you getting hungry yet....? can you say powder...

Dave and his VW ice...




The snow is going off!!!!  Crazy unpredictable days are among us.  Such strange reports and winds like no other.  This is the first time in the 17 years I have been snowboarding that I (jason) have a season pass.  In all my years I wanted the freedom to go wherever I wanted.  Not be stuck in one resort, until owning a shop and winters can be tough.  Thanks to my wife and friends that got me my pass this year.  Meadows is once again a great place to ride.  I am fortunate enough this year to ride with Dave and Jim.  They are incredible many year seasoned storm riders at Hood.  On what should be questionable weather days we have always found fresh runs in crazy spots.  I am finding new areas I didn't know you could get to.  Don't ask me how to get there.  With the high winds, snow and just about 50 foot visibility I couldn't tell how.  

They opened lower Heather Canyon on Monday for about 2 hours.  Dave and I were able to make a run through 1/2 moon bowl and 2 runs through jackswoods.  So sick...beware of the sluff.  It is great to ride, but boy there is a bunch in there that is moving.  Turns were to die for.  While others were still shredding the 2 and 3 bowls Dave and I were killing the woods.  We would have stayed there longer but they closed Shooting Star early.  No worries though.  The day was good!  Jumps, cornices, big shed pow turns were everywhere.  Can't wait til next ride...


The season is here for 2008-09.  We just picked up some of the new Trilogy Arts boards.  We have 2 in stock now. 156 imperial majestic and a 163 Kurt Jensen Piper.

 Check them out.



Brent, Bill and I went up to SkiBowl for another night session.  Conditions were good!  Lots of powder for those not afraid of the trees or tree lines.  A lot of new snow has fallen is just one week.  It's amazing to see so much filled in and also shredable now due to more snow.  The jumps are getting bigger if you can find them.  We had no problem staying in knee/quad depth powder on most of the runs.  Brent took a good digger.  I missed it, but I did see Bill push him down when they got off the lift.  Sorry Brent, I had to laugh.  Another good night of riding with friends.

Brent before Bill got him!


Brent and I went to Ski Bowl last Thursday night and ran into a ton of dry powder.  I had only been to Ski Bowl on icy days so I was excited to go on a powder day for once.  I race up there in the summer on my mountain bike so I see all the faces dry all summer.  The trees were sooo good!  I just picked up a new 2008 Technine Street Series 157.  Great board.  Turns, jumps, rails the tree lines all day long.  Glad to be on new board.  My last board was a custom K2 I built at K2 11 years ago when I worked there. We are going to try to go to Ski Bowl again tomorrow night for another late session.  The season is looking good.  Dave has been hitting Meadows all winter long so far and is eatin' it up.  I talked to him 20 minutes ago and he had another awesome day there.  Free refills all day long.  At 4:45 pm Wednesday he said it was still snowing hard and it isn't supposed to let up anytime soon.


kristie Beavert- meadows

kristie Beavert- meadows

We are looking for any good snowboarding stories or photos from this year.  I you have something please email it to me at [email protected]

thanks for reading...until next session...jason


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