Ty Carters Bio
"the vicious cycle...what to ride!?"

Home town: silverton oregon

Age: 16

Sex: male


     How long have you been riding: about 3 years on my bmx bike and two months on my mountain bike.


     What kind of bikes do you have: for bmx i have an s&m bennet that i built and for mountain biking i have a haro 8.1.


     Where is your fav place to ride and with who: probably in pdx with my brother and 10 other guys you know what im talking about nick. or any day out on the trails with my buddies.


     What awards have you won: i won nationals when i raced in 2001 and like 5 state races thats it but hey im pro already. (just kidding)


     What injuries have you had: ive disloacted my shoulder twice surgery on my ankle and i broke both my pinky fingers 3 times. stitches on my eye brow an din my lip.


     What kind of music do you listen to: uhh punk like hot water music, country, and old school rap.


     What made you think of MS*DC and is TJ your partner: we do it all togethershirts, hats and web design we talk to each other before we do anything.


     What do you do besides ride: i have lots of things i liek to hang out with my buddies and i love fishing and hunting also working on trails and taking pictures.


     Anyone you would like to thank: ya jason franz from the bike shop for hooking up everyone with what they need. My parents for completly supporting me though it all. And my grandma for buying me my first bmx bike. Also another thanks Mom and Dad for paying for all by doctor bills.

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