TJ Bergamo's Bio
"the vicous cycle...what to ride!?"


Home town: Silverton oregon


Sex: male

Sport: mountain biking

How long have you been ridin: 2 years but serious for the last year

What kind of biek do you ride: i am currently riding a Norco rampage but i just built an Azoniz single speed.

what kind of music do you listen to: punk, country and rap

any injuries: ya i tore my quad and tore a bunch of ligaments in my ankle and chipped the bone.

What is you favorite place to ride: if its a downhill trail then i will hit it i love the feeling im into teh balls to teh wall single track down hill stuff.

What do you liek to do in your free time: ride but when im not doing that i just liek having a good time doing what ever.

Anyone you would like to thank: i want to give a thanks to Jason Franz for making this all happen for us and giving us a chance.



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